Bond and Levy Information


Facts about the April 22, 2014 construction bond

  • A majority (58.13%) of district voters approved the bond proposed on Feb. 11. Bonds require a 60% supermajority.
  • Uncertified results show that 58.58% of voters approved the bond, which is not a supermajority. Next steps begin with board discussion of options to meet student enrollment and technology needs. 
  • On March 4, 2014, the Everett Public Schools Board of Directors voted to ask voters to consider the bond again in the April 22, 2014 election.
  • The proposed combined tax rate of $6.55 per $1,000 for the bond proposed again for April 22 and the levy approved on Feb. 11 is the same rate property owners paid in 2013.
  • The April 22, 2014 bond proposal included:
    • Technology equipment and infrastructure to support student learning – including infrastructure for robust science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) technology needs
    • Renovation of Cascade High School science building to meet science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) requirements
    • Energy and HVAC upgrades, roof replacements, ADA upgrades and flooring replacements throughout the district (This is a routine part of the district’s 40-year capital facilities plan to maintain schools and extend their useful life beyond the state’s 30-year standard.)
    • Safety enhancements to school entryways so that visitors enter and leave through one doorway that can be monitored. Schools slated for that work are North Middle and Woodside Elementary, the new elementary school and Hawthorne, Lowell, Madison and Jackson elementary schools
    • Modernizing and renovating North Middle School and Woodside Elementary School
    • A new elementary in the southern portion of the district to relieve overcrowding in that area
    • Expansions,conversions and portables (a total of 40 classrooms) at Silver Firs, Mill Creek, Cedar Wood, Emerson, View Ridge, Jefferson, Woodside, Silver Lake, Forest View, Lowell, Hawthorne and Jackson elementary schools to prepare for full day kindergarten classroom needs (when the state funds staffing for that program, potentially by 2018) and reduced class sizes in grades K-3 (when the state funds staffing for that lower class size, potentially by 2018)
    • Phase I of a new high school in the southern part of the district where enrollment is growing the fastest. Cascade and Henry M. Jackson high schools are each well over optimum size of 1,500. Phase I of the high school is anticipated to be approximately 136,000 square feet for approximately 750 students, or one half of a high school. The school is master planned for a future build-out to a full-sized, comprehensive high school for 1,500 students when student enrollment projections indicated such construction will be needed.
    • Synthetic turf fields at Cascade and Henry M. Jackson high schools