Bond April 26, 2016

school board working Why?
During months of public meetings and online conversations, the board heard concerns about the district being the fastest growing district in Snohomish County. Because we expect nearly 2,000 more students in the next seven years, we must build classroom space for enrollment growth and to lessen overcrowding.

The board heard questions about the cost and scope of projects proposed in the 2014 bond. In response, the board suggested this proposal cost less and take “smaller bites.” 


What are the bond projects?
 star bullet   New elementary school Number 18  $43.9M
 star bullet    Land for a future elementary school Number 19
 star bullet   Woodside Elementary School renovation
 star bullet   North Middle School renovation
 star bullet   Heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades for 8 schools $9.9M
 star bullet   New roof at Gateway Middle School
 star bullet   Telephone and voicemail system replacement, districtwide $4.0M
 star bullet   Technology network infrastructure
 star bullet   14 portable classrooms for high school enrollment growth $2.8M 
 star bullet   Everett High School field replacement
 star bullet   Preserve and restore Everett High School exterior finish