Contact Information


Email your comments or concerns to lms@everettsd.org


Questions may be directed to your teacher, counselor or contact LMS at  lms@everettsd.org


For more information about Everett Public School's Learning Management Services you can contact the LMS Director at lms@everettsd.org

Teachers and Staff

There are onsite LMS Mentors to assist you with quick questions; your main office staff can answer scheduling questions. All other concerns can be emailed to lmsstaff@everettsd.org or call 425-385-4080.
Learning Management Services Team
Jo Anne Buiteweg Director II
Anne Carnell Curriculum Specialist 
Tavis Miller Curriculum Specialist 
Mike Weatherbie Curriculum Specialist
Lauribeth Hull Internet Technologies Coordinator
Pete Dronzek Student Data Systems Coordinator
Dave Passey Student Data Systems Coordinator
Senja Yakovleff Student Data Systems Coordinator
Ailiene Diaz Student Systems Support Analyst
Chris Kummerle Student Systems Support Analyst