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me Welcome to Mrs. Wrobel's Website.  I'm so thrilled to be teaching at Eisenhower!  I'll be teaching 6th grade History as well as 6th grade Technology and 7th grade Advanced Technology .
History is so much fun and I'm ready to show students that it's just more than dates and places.   
Technology and advanced technology will get ready for some fun!  We'll be coding, programming, writing, publishing, video editing, typing, and keeping busy with relevant and exciting technology.   
cs It's imperative that our students understand internet safety.  I'll be teaching the Common Sense Media digital citizenship and literacy course to our students in grades 3-5 along with presenting the information to students in K-2.  Please click on the Common Sense Media link
Here are also links for specific grade levels
 Privacy and digital footprints.Talking safely online   
 Cyberbullying -recognize and how to prevent Respecting creative work

  Let's keep our children both safe and aware!
Students will also use items from iKeepsafe.com
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