Welcome to Ms. Seamon's Class

    Dear Parents, Students and Guardians, It is hard to believe we are halfway thourgh October! We have had Curriculum night and it was great to meet many families. Next week we will have our Student Led Conferences. Your student will be leading a conference- the conference will be held with your student's first period teacher unless that first period class is very large and then the overflow will be with another teacher. Ask your student who is their conference teacher and what day and time it is. Sign ups were available on Curriculum night and many teachers have sent emails or made personal phone calls. Contact yuor child's first period teacher if you have not heard where to go and when it is.
    Most students turned in their September book report- that is great news. The second book report of the year is due November 9th. The form is blue and the book genre is non-fiction. I do accept book reports early so encourage your child to complete the book and turn the report in. Additionally, 7th grade Honors students are participating in the Battle of the Bestsellers and they need to read 4 or more books from the Battle list. Those books may overlap with with the nine they read for me.
    A quick reminder that I allow healhty snacks to be eaten in the first ten minutes of each period with the exception of fifth period because it is rigth after lunch. Congratulate yuor child on a job well done so far this year. They are a hard-working and enthusiastic group!
    If you have any questions, feel freee to contact me at: aseamon@everettsd.org
    Thank-you, April Seamon