• Mrs. Zarnick

    Love kids?  Love your family?

    Love to learn something new every day? Love life? 

    If so, then we have more in common than you may think! 

    I have been teaching in the Everett Public Schools since my husband and I moved here in 1997. Currently, we live in Everett with our two girls, Allison (15) and Grace (12). We enjoy spending time together as much as we can. We have learned to appreciate every minute we have together, doing such things as going to school football games, camping, visiting the coast, or simply reading or having a family movie or game night.

    From the time my sister and I used to play school, I knew I wanted to be a teacher because I always played the teacher and she always had to be the student.
     I was a classroom teacher and then the librarian at Emerson Elementary school for 17 years before coming to Forest View.  Believe it or not, I have NOT always had a passion for books and literature. As a preschooler, I loved books, literature, being read to and learning to read. However, when I was in school we were told what to read and we never really had a choice of what we could read. I was rarely interested in the same types of books that my teachers were requiring, and my love for reading really began to diminish. I did not renew my passion for reading until college when I took a class called Law & Society where we read books about the law, criminals, and the justice system. It was there that I found my "hook". To this day, if I have a choice, I always seem to choose a good mystery, and if there has been a crime committed, even better.

    Now, I am the Math Specialist at Forest View Elementary school, working with 4th and 5th grade students.  I have always enjoyed studying mathematics and teaching math as a classroom teacher.  I love that it is hands on, allows students to be creative and that there is almost always several different ways to solve a problem. I appreciate when students are willing to try new strategies and to share their strategies with others.  We can all learn from each other in this type of setting.  I learn something from my students everyday.  
    If I had to give any student one piece of advice it would be to celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes, and ALWAYS take the challenge!