Welcome to Mrs. Yaniv’s Speech & Language Site

  • Hello speech students and parents at Penny Creek Elementary, Lowell Elementary, and Forest View Elementary!

    I hope you are doing well. We understand your primary focus is taking care of your family’s needs but know that our staff has been working diligently to provide ongoing learning opportunities for your child/children. For now, please visit the Everett Public Schools student engagement materials website ,and click on Special Programs. There you will find Elementary IEP Resources. I will update this site with information about speech and language E-Learning as it becomes available. 

    If your child is scheduled to have an annual IEP or Re-evaluation meeting during this school closure, I will contact you directly so we can determine the best way to meet and review documents (e.g.: Zoom, conference call, etc..).

    I want to be sure that you are clear on how you can reach me, and how you can access other resources that may be available. In addition to my SLP webpage, it is my goal to use email to share updates and resources. District provided speech and language engagement links and websites are also available to reinforce and extend learning (see link left: Interesting Web Resources) . This page will continually be updated with new links throughout the school closure as the Speech-Language Pathology department in Everett SD works together to find and create resources.

     If you have any questions, please reach out. Email myaniv@everettsd.org is the best way for parents to contact me; however, you can also leave a voicemail message on my office phone, and I will do my best to access messages remotely. 


    Take care!

    Melissa Yaniv, MS CCC-SLP

    Speech-Language Pathologist

    Ms. Yaniv