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  • Sylvia Rushton Hello, Parents of Mrs.Rushton's All Day Kindergartenrs!
    I loved my years at the University of Utah followed by teaching grades 2, 3, and several years at Woodside's Kindergarten. Past and present interests include being with fun family members and friends, hiking, waterskiing, traveling, reading about history, and taking classes.
    The first year of  school is exciting and builds a strong foundation for students to graduate from high school and to go beyond, as well as continuing a life-long love of learning. As a teacher of young children, I, also, greet each year with renewed enthusiasm and the special excitement that comes from guiding students to proficiency.
     There are so many new things in curriculum and school proceedures for children to learn. Parents are always impressed with the level of difficulty required of Kindergarteners these days. Our reading program, Reach, has proven to be  successful in creating  good readers who have strong comprehension skills. Daily lessons are taught with the entire class. We, then, read in small groups to strengthen decoding and fluency skills. In addition, students practice reading independetly.For iindependent reading Book Boxes, my collection of student reading materials includes 70% to 80% non-fiction texts from K to 2nd grade reading levels. In addition, are several Reach books.Children are highly motivated to improve their reading skills. 
     A closely related subject is writing. Students learn how to listen for the sounds in words and to write those sounds on their own! WOW! You can see why learning the letter names and letter sounds becomes so important! We use booklets created by the nationally acclaimed teacher, David Matteson, where your little ones draw and write  stories about their own experiences moving into writing non-fiction from Kindergarten-style research with support, and opinion selections. The goals are to guide students in applying specific skills and to think of themselves as authors! Students conference with me and share their writing with other students. Sharing their work with the whole class is always a highlight! Students actlally do become authors.
    Our math program, enVision, leads students to success through specific lessons where students explain their observations, reasoning, and express conceptual things they wonder about, followed by hands-on exploration with more speaking in small groups using mathematic vocabulary.
    If your child likes to observe animals and other things,  perform very simple "experiments", and talk about what they learn, your child is certain to  enjoy science.
    Realizing that research stresses the value of creative activities in the development of the brain, I include painting, creative movement, and explorative construction with a variety of math shapes. Children's work never ceases to absolutely amaze me! 
    Kindergarteners learn greater levels of personal independence, leadership skills, appropriate social behaviors, and academic stamina.
     I look forward to a remarkable year!
    Sylvia Rushton