• Mrs. Sparks September 2019: Welcome to third grade at Cedar Wood. After graduating from the U of W many years ago, I began my teaching career in the Mukilteo School District. Although my internship was in second grade, my first teaching assignments were seventh and eighth grade block at Olympic View Junior High. When Picnic Point Elementary opened back in 1981, I was happy to help open a new school and taught grades 2-4. In 1984, I traded in my classroom days for private tutoring and substitute teaching. After a significant break, I came to work for the Everett School District where both our children attended school. While in Everett, I have taught first, second, third and fourth grade. Third grade is where students learn to produce quality work with others and independently. I would describe third grade as a big step up and one of change!

    As a parent of adult children I have learned much. I will share my knowledge, love of learning, and compassion with each Cedar Wood student assigned to my classroom. Working with an outstanding team of intermediate teachers, I will help my students acquire a love for reading and lead them toward becoming life long learners.
    March 16, 2020: Dear Families, I hope this finds you and yours well. Third graders should be reading and writing every day and become fluent in knowing multiplication facts.There are many ways to learn in the coming weeks. Please check this website ( and your personal email) for what I hope is helpful information. Here is the link to Student Tools:https://www.everettsd.org/domain/1971
    March 17, 2020: Good morning. I have added a new link today on this website. Please let me know if you have any questions. The code for Khan Academy is SM252FVZ. This may be especially helpful for those who need help in reviewing perimeter. 
    March 18, 2020: Dear Families, my suggestion for today is to make a weekly schedule. Try to include exercise and life skills (ie: shoe tying, print full name neatly, flossing teeth, and reading independently for 20 minutes).Discovery Education does a nice job supporting skills such as tooth care and why it's important. I have enjoyed interacting with students by way of Seesaw and Google Classroom. I'm also impressed with the AR performances so far this week. Please let me know if I can help make learning at home easier. Today our District is distributing Chromebooks to those who do not have a computer available. A final suggestion for today is to use screen time for learning. This can include art lessons or Khan Academy. I look forward to hearing from your students as they post work.
    March 19, 2020: Good morning. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine today. I've added a link to Googe Earth for you to explore during your screen time today. A suggestion for keeping your writing up to standard, is to write a friendly letter and mail it. Including a detailed drawing would be appreciated I'm sure!  You can try your hand at cursive if you have completed half the cursive workbook. Most of all, I hope you are finding some enjoyment each day in reading a good book, playing outside, and learning with the tools that keep you engaged.
    Let me know if you have any questions or need anything.
    March 20, 2020: Hope this finds you well. I have added Flipgrid to our list of ways to stay connected. I'm hoping students will find Seesaw and Flipgrid fun ways to share their good work or just say hello. Check out links on my website. The District has many suggestions for you as do I, but for today I think spending 15 - 30 minutes doing a writing ( printing) exercise would be very beneficial. This can be as simple as writing 5 complete sentences about what spring looks like outside your home, or  a friendly letter to a family member.  I have read some very good animal stories this week. Thanks for publishing your best effort on Google Classroom. I am hoping one or two of you will take the invitation to read your animal story on SeeSaw.(I'm still learning about another video sharing site called Flipgrid.)
    I'm going to Zoom in with my team in a few minutes. Let's stay connected. I'll check back later and will sign off today at 4 PM. Take care.
    March 23, 2020: Good morning, students. I hope to post a video later in the day. When looking for suggested lessons or tasks, please check this website first. I'll use this site to direct you to resources. Before posting more work today, I'll meet with Mr. Rhodes and our 3rd grade team via Zoom. Meanwhile, a good way to begin a day at home is to make out and review a schedule so that you balance movement/exercise with sceen time and "pencil and paper" work.  Here's a suggestion for the morning: Read 20 - 30 minutes and take an AR test if you are ready. Then write 5-10 vocabulary words from your book in your spiral ( or piece of paper). Write ten sentences using your best printing and then post them on Seesaw. Writing skills will be celebrated today so make sure you remember to form letters neatly. I would also LOVE to see some illustrations to go with one of your sentences. Look for more information on Google Classroom today after 11:30 AM. I miss seeing you!
    March 24, 2020:Tuesday greetings to you all. Please check out Google Classroom for a new challenge on Flipgrid. Think about ways you can advance your skills each day as an independent learner. Reading, writing, math, and practicing a life skill are good uses of time. These do not require "screen time." Some of you are taking on new challenges and this brings you a sense of accomplishment. I hope to see you at 2PM today on Zoom to hear how you are doing or just say hi.
    March 25, 2020:  The word for the day is "independent." How can your third grader be more independent as we continue learning from home? A daily schedule that includes at least 30 minutes of reading to self, working on math fluency, and writing complete sentences ( paragraphs) is strongly suggested.  That's 1.5 hours. In addition, students should do no more than an hour of learning or playing online. That leaves time for drawing, exercise, and life skills. The challenges are many, but there is opportunity here as well. I hope to see many of my students on Zoom today at 2 PM. Get on by going to Google Classroom today. It should be easier! Suggestion: Draw and share a picture you completed using an online art lesson or your imagination! This is just for fun. ( Need help? See the links on this website AND get on Google Classroom for more suggestions and links.) Best wishes to you all.
    March 26, 2020: Hi students! Today's NEW task is to learn about an animal of your choice. Search for information using Discovery Education and take notes in your spiral (or piece of paper). This will be used for a game, Twenty Questions. I'll play this with you today and Friday if you get on Zoom at 2PM for a class meeting. To get on Zoom, please go to Google Classroom and click the link at 2 PM if you are available. You need to know basic animal facts and then more to gather detailed information in case one of the questions is: " Has this animal ever been endangered?"  Have fun learning today. Remember: Hard Word - Done Well- Feels Good!
    March 27, 2020: Good morning students and parents, today is "Finish Work Friday." Friday is your day to check off all weekly assignments. Go to Google Classroom for the list of weekly lessons as well as directions and support for the opinion essay. Each week day, M-F, students are expected to complete assignments in math ( Pearson - TO DO), and the Reach book. These lessons cover math, reading, and writing skils for third grade students. Also, please read and take an AR test or two to show me what you are reading at home each week. Life Skill Tip: Make a check list to be sure you have completed this week's lessons (as written out and posted on Google Classroom). I'll check in on you throughout the day to see how you are doing and comment on your posted work. Congratulations for those who completed the math test yesterday! Please let me know if you need help on anything! I'll hope to see you today at 2 PM on Zoom. Get there by clicking the link on Zoom that is posted in Google Classroom. Work hard this morning so you can play this weekend!
    March 30, 2020: Please start the day with reviewing a daily schedule that works for your family. Students are required to complete the assigned third grade work to the best of their ability. Adjustments can be made for individuals as needed. Before beginning this week's lessons ( a new chart will be linked on Monday for March 30 - April 3rd), review last week's expectations on Google Classroom. Also, please add your name to Khan Academy as I only see 14 students registered. I love seeing those AR scores, written essays, and Pearson math assignments completed. I'll plan to check in face to face with you each day at 2 PM. Email is a good way to ask for help too. Hope this finds you all well.
    March 31, 2020: Hang in there, families! By working together we can help students learn new skills. Today I'd like to see how Pearson math lessons are going for your student. I'll check in at 2 PM or by email to see if you need any help getting to the TO DO site on Pearson Easy Bridge ( Student Tools). Let me know if you need anything. Tuesday is the last day to get a Chromebook if needed. Let Mr. Rhodes, our principal, know by 2 PM March 31st.
    April 1, 2020: Happy birthday to Ryder! Today is a day to work on balancing school work, creativity, and exercise. I hope to see everyone at 2PM on Zoom. Parents are welcome to ask a question too. It would be fun to share pictures again. Check out Art for Kids Hub if you have time for a mini lesson. If you need help finding any of the links you need let me know in an email or on Seesaw. Note: The link to the Zoom meeting is in Google Classroom. 
    April 2, 2020: Thursday is a good day to complete most of the weekly assignments. Friday can be a "finish up work day" before heading into spring break. Thursday's Zoom session will begin at 2PM. Look for a link on Google Classroom. This will be our last class meeting on Zoom for this week. Ms. Reese and our counselors may join too. If all written work has been finished, please check the iReady minutes. Students who are working below grade level should use this 45-60 minutes a week. Stay tuned for updates regarding spring conferences.
    April 3, 2020: I have learned MUCH this week and I can see many of my students have as well. Before I sign off for spring break, I want to encourage all students to complete the assignments as listed on Google Classroom. Internet in not needed to write 3 paragraphs about Mt. St. Helens ( see Reach book for a model) or learn math facts. Students should have read 30 minutes a day so that there is an AR record to review and a biography to talk about. Congratulations to those who passed one or more AR tests this week. I am checking Seesaw and Flipgrid each day and see very good work as well as student's personal questions. I also will check my email for parent questions. Keep them coming! Teachers are encouraged to take a break from remote learning and teaching during spring break, but due to popular demand, I'll plan to Zoom a few times so students can see each other. I'll send an email when that will be. Thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to help your child meet third grade standards. 
    April 13, 2020: Welcome back to a new week of lessons. This week's  Zoom meetings will be between 9:30 - 10:30 AM. Each student should sign up for a 15 minute session by going to a sign up table in Google Classroom so he/she knows when to enter the M - Th classroom meeting. The MAIN sites to go to each day are 1. My webite ( here) and 2. Google Classroom. Most lessons and supports or links are on these sites. Students can find instructions for each day  and get support during our morning Zoom meetings (as well as by reading from the math textbook or Reach book). I think the best schedule for a third grader is to begin work by 9 AM and be finished with the " pencil and paper" work by noon. Using the afternoon for reading to self and iReady  may be a good way to get the harder work completed before feeling tired. Suggested Schedule: Work on reading lesson from 9:00 - 9:30 then Zoom with teacher, Writing 10:30 - 11:00, break, 11:15 - 12:00 Math Topic 16 Pearson, break for lunch and outdoor exercise and creative projects...3:00 - 3:30 iReady ( if below 4th grade level in Reading and/or Math). I hope a week's break was good for you all. I'm ready to see students again. PLEASE ask for help in any area as we are here to support family needs.
    April 14, 2020: Tuesday is wear Red, White and Blue Day. Today I'll review how to make a writing plan for a story ( narrative). Students should join one of four classroom sessions for this lesson and to ask any questions about this week's assignments. Need to sign up for a small group? Go to Google Classroom and see the sign up sheet. Hint: Only documents in UPCOMING      (list of assignments) can be edited or typed on by students. Annoucements on Google Classroom share important updates and hold non interactive materials. Send me your questions. I'm here to help!
    April 15, 2020: Today is "Hat Day." I'll plan to see students on Zoom to review the day's lessons. The reading focus today includes reading with expression as well as for comprehension. If students finish Topic 16 lessons in math, I encourage learning math facts or spending time on Prodigy. Start the day by looking at the lesson plan for Wednesday. This is in Google Classroom, the main place assignments are stored and explained.

    April 16, 2020: It's PJ Day for Spirit Week. I'll plan to Zoom with students between 9:30 and 10:30 AM as usual. Today's focus will be using a writing plan to write a story. Supporting documents will be with the assignment in Google Classroom. I hope everyone is well and getting outside each day. Afternoons can be the time to read to self and complete iReady minutes if needed. I am keeping track of iReady and AR performances as usual as these tools give students feedback as to how well they are understanding the material in which they are engaged. Keep up the good work, families!
    April 17, 2020: Friday is Denim Day and as always, Finish Work Friday. By the end of the day, students should have turned in a narrative story ( using the given check list) and completed their math lessons on data using Pearson lessons and quick checks. I'm hoping to see everyone's Flipgrid by the end of the day. Links and support are in place so that all students can be engaged. Please go to the Google Classroom to connect to the Zoom meeting today at 10 AM. Wishing you all wellness and a good weekend.
    April 20, 2020: We'll meet on Zoom this morning to review the week ahead and celebrate some accomplishments from last week! Go to Google Classroom for the Zoom link, and bring any questions to today's overview. The new lessons will be available at 8 AM for students to access. You may want to  print out the weekly lesson plan, but they will have active links to help you. I'll see you between 9:30 and 10:30 AM. Please sign up for your time slot if you haven't done that already ( on Google Classroom). Wishing you all a good day, and Bennett a very happy birthday.
    April 21, 2020: Good morning. Today's class lesson will include "cause and effect." Students should join our Zoom meeting between 9:30 and 10:45 AM on the quarter hour. This is a good time to ask questions and understand how to best check off each day's required assignments. I hope this finds you well. If you need a Chromebook let me know today by 10:30 AM. Mr. Rhodes will be checking them to those who request one. It is wonderful to see and hear from students each day!
    April 22, 2020: Thanks to all for supporting our morning Zoom meetings. Seeing 16-18 students each morning has been great. I hope our meetings help direct daily lessons. It's Earth Day, so students are learning the history of this event, and considering how they might respond to the invitation to make our earth more beautiful. Please refer to Google Classroom for supporting documents.
    April 23, 2020: Today I'll meet with students and see if they have any questions about Khan Academy ( sign up) or their writing. We are finishing up our math unit on Data. Support for this is in iReady, Pearson ( Early Bridge) and Khan Academy. See you ZOOM!
    April 24, 2020: Crazy Hair Day on Zoom at 10 AM - link is on Google Classroom. Also,it's Finish Line Friday! Students have accessed all lessons through Google Apps for Education and Classroom this week. Use Friday to complete this week's work and take an AR test if possible. Look for new lessons Monday morning by 8:30 AM. We'll meet to review the plans for each day using Zoom. Monday is our day to also celebrate students' outstanding effort while learning from home. It looks like we have some talented artists and young authors emerging!
    April 27, 2020: Monday students get an overview of the week and are recognized for their perseverence. We'll begin math Topic 11 ( 2D shapes) and finish Unit 7 in Reach, our ELA ( English Language Arts) book. Students are encouraged to write every day and keep up on iReady minutes as needed. If your child is working above grade level, iReady can be replaced with AR, Prodigy, Discovery Education ( Boards), and math games and puzzles. Please check Google Classroom for lessons and supports. The links on my website take you to Student Tools, Google Apps for Educ. and finally Google Classroom. The Zoom link is in Google Classroom for today. If not signed up, students may join at 9:30 or 10:15 AM. ( New weekly assignments are available at 8 AM.) Wishing you a good day.
    April 28, 2020:The word for the day is: Resourcesfulness. Students are asked to follow the daily plan to read an eBook and complete math using the tools in Pearson Early Bridge ( as assigned) and iReady. (This means recalling steps to get to the Library tab on the Cedar Wood website and aslo Student Tools.) Friday, students are encouraged to dress like a book character. They will need to do some research and use what is available. Students are learning to manage their work without as much parent help now. This is a big step and one to be celebrated. Daily Zoom meetings give students face time with me to ask for help, but also to see their way around Google Classroom and the links that are there. Again, your support is key to make learning from home happen, but remember how capable your children are in what is now our 6th week of remote learning.THANK YOU, parents, for encouraging self management and more independence.
    April 29, 2020: Historical Fiction is our focus for the next few days. The Reach assignment can be read online and read TO students and then a second time independently. I'll review how to get to Canvas and the story today during our Zoom meeting. May Day is Friday. Students will also read to learn more about this tradition. Each day students are asked to have specialist time at 1 PM, complete independent reading minutes ( about 30), and use iReady as directed to close any gaps in Reading or Math. eBooks had some tech issues on Tuesday. Those are being addressed. Sorry for the frustration.
    April 30, 2020: Student engagement is impressive. Check out Seesaw for some great examples of quality work from home. Today's opinion writing will be supported with documents on Google Classroom ( under Upcoming) assignment, as well as during our daily Zoom meeting. April is poetry month. Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  Students can copy a poem ( see link on weekly schedule) to share with a family member in person, or on the phone. When not sharing it, they can keep in "in their pocket." Have you ever hear of Poem in Your Pocket Day? It's the 30th this year, but can be other dates in April too.
    May Day: Hard working students will be celebrating Fun Friday on this first day of May! We'll Zoom today as a whole class at 10 AM. The invitation is to dress as a book character and play a game together. Congratulations to those who completed their opinion writing, math lessons, and reading minutes, and are heading into a free weekend! See you Zoom!
    May 4, 2020: Monday's Zoom meetings will review the week's schedule and celebrate accomplishments from last week. Student engagement will be recorded each week using our online Gradebook. Bring questions to daily meetings or write me. I'm here to support learning from home and am so happy with all the good work that has been turned it recently! Keep it coming. We are learning together and through mistakes as we begin our 8th week of remote learning. The word for the week is perseverence!
    Today is May 5th ( Cinco de Mayo): Today's Zoom  lesson will be on linking verbs. Students will be shown examples of action verbs, helping verbs, and linking verbs during our morning meeting. ELA worksheets can be printed out or answers can be written on paper. The spiral is a good place to keep student work. Wishing you and your family a good day.
    May 6, 2020: Students will find a "How To" template in Google Classroom today. They will use my example to guide their slides that explain how to do something. It may be something learned recently or long ago. I know some students are learning how to make their own lunch, while others are learning how to sort laundry. The purpose is to communicate effectively with precise words. Need ideas? How to make a peanut butter sandwich, How to get to Google Classroom, How to organized a work space, How to head a math paper, How to draw a fish... This is the main wriiting assignment for the week. I hope to see color slides with directions that are in the correct order. I'll plan to share some later this week!
    May 7, 2020: Wednesday students wrote to explain "HOW TO" do something. We will review that assignment Thursday before moving forward. Today's writing will follow a kite design. Students will use 2D shapes to design a kite and then write about its travels. Examples will be shared to support students' efforts as they advance their independent work habits. Performance reports were posted today. Thank you for helping your child attend Zoom meetings each morning. Questions are welcome!
    May 11, 2020: This week's Zoom meetings will be as follows: Monday is designed to celebrate successes and give students an overview of  the week. Tuesday = more guidance and time for questions and problem solving. Wednesday = No Zoom Thursday = Guidance toward completing all assignments by noon on Friday. Friday = Whole class hello at 9:45 AM.  A special thank you to all parents who are working while learning is going on at home. In honor of Nurses Week, I want to thank Eva's, Sadie's, and Ryder's moms for all they do to serve our community. Here's to a good week as third graders take on new, and hopefully engaging challenges. I am seeing MUCH great work and am proud of my students.  
    May12, 2020: Good morning. Today students will begin our Native American Study. Much freedom is given for this grade level project that can spread over the next weeks. For quality work, students learn to slow down for each step of the process which begins with research and note taking. Join our Zoom meetings today and Thursday for more guidance. Need enrichement? Students may research and complete a slide show on more than one tribe. Other suggestions: Prodigy ( math) , Lemonade Wars ( more than one worksheet a day), Reach for Reading Games,Read AR ( reach beyond 10 points this month!) Write a letter or journal entry to share how they are doing during this time of learning. 
    May 13, 2020: No Zoom today. Students are encouraged to follow the schedule for Wednesday. The Reach book is the resource for learning to write dialogue (use quotation marks) this morning. Khan Academy is a second resource for this 3rd grade skill. Our week is designed for catching up as needed and enjoying extra time reading and taking AR books. Look at Epic Books if you have a chance sometime this week.  Class Code= qsw7895
    May 14, 2020: Today we'll Zoom in small groups. I want to check in about The Lemonade Wars (story elelments) and The Genre Challenge ( due date was earlier this month). Next week we'll move to a new math topic, so this is a good week to catch up on Flipgrid, Peason Assignments, and iReady Math. Students are encourged to bring questions to each meeting. Note: Friday is our whole group meeting at 9:45 AM. 
    May 18, 2020: Begin by going to Google Classroom for this week's schedule and Zoom link. Monday is our day to meet and review the week ahead. This is a four day week. Our focus will be a new math topic #15: Liquid Volume and Mass. Students will strive to complete their research on one Native American tribe and begin a new slide presentation. Late work is gladly accepted as it will help prepare students for 4th grade. It will not be given the same feedback as work turned in on time.  Let's just do the best we can each day. 
    May 19, 2020: Tuesday's Zoom meeting will help students find what they need to better understand liquid volume ( textbook or online links) and how to think about what they've read or studied. Students will be reminded to check out Mrs. Reese's links as well as ALL the specialists' assignments for this week. Remember to get up and move after 20 minutes at a screen!
    May 20, 2020: Wednesday's lessons are listed in Google Classroom. Students will practice ELA skills using their Reach textbook. Unit 6 is a good place to turn this morning before doing iReady Reading for 20 minutes. I will check in with students through Google Classroom and Seesaw. These are places where students can get answers to their questions. (I know parents are busy.) When in doubt, direct your child to Google Classroom for information and helpful links. Your third grader is learning to be resourceful! This includes asking for help when stuck. I'll see students Thursday ( on the quarter hour) to wrap up this week before the four day weekend! Hard Work, Done Well, Feels Good!
    May 21, 2020: We'll meet on Zoom Thursday morning on the quarter hour ( 9:30 - 10:15AM). Heading into the four day weekend, students are encouraged to have their 40 minutes of iReady completed in each subject. Congratulations to students who have shared a question on Flipgrid this week. Need help with how to get somewhere or find answers to something? Bring those questions to our Zoom meeting, or send them from Google Classroom or Seesaw! Congrats to 4 students who have 100% of the assigned Pearson math lessons completed! Way to get to Pearson Easy Bridge, Ara, Bennett, Kaden and Kiera!
    May 26, 2020: It's been eleven weeks since we've been together at school. I am very proud of everyone for doing their best during difficult times. If you have any questions please check out Google Classroom or write me. Students are learning to ask questions through Google Classroom and Seesaw. We will be on Zoom again Thursday to review any lessons that need more explanation. Students are encouraged to complete iReady minutes and take AR tests from home.
    May 27, 2020: No Zoom on Wednesdays...