• Make Your Day is a schoolwide citizenship program that was adapted by Jefferson in 2001. At Jefferson, we have only one school rule and one school expectation. The goal of the Make Your Day Student Self-Management Program is to create a physically and emotionally safe learning environment at Jefferson. Students know their decisions result in fair, logical and predictable consequences. Students are empowered to make decisions that will provide them the opportunity to learn through their successes and mistakes while preserving their dignity. The components of Make Your Day include expectations, points, concerns, and steps. 


    “No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.”




    “Do your best; Do what’s expected."
    What if your child does not "Make Their Day"?
    If your child brings home a slip that says that he/she did not "Make Their Day", please remember this is just a form of communication from the teacher. We recognize that a student may not be able to "Make Their Day" everyday. The occasional notice should not be a cause for alarm. If you see several of these slips, you and the teacher may want to discuss your student's behavior. We do not encourage at-home discipline due to these slips. Rather, we hope you use this as an opportunity for discussion. Our Student Self-Management Program is always focused on the positives, and learning to make good choices. Rhino




    Any Questions?  Visit the official Make You Day website.