• Registration Code: 334CTE

    Grade Levels :10-12

    Credits: 1.0

    Length: year long

    Prerequisites: Must have met standard in Computer Science Principles, completed Algebra II or approval required

    This course can be taken for either a Lab Science credit or a Math Quantitative Logic credit.


    AP CSA Remote Learning

    All information for students will be posted on the course Canvas site AND EMAIL TO FAMILIES



    Check Out What You Can Do With A Career In Computer Science

    Check out what is happening at the Computer Science Engineering @ the UW


    Summer Homework 

    end of year Teals survey 

     2016 Cutler-Bell Prize Contest Now OPEN!

    Calling all senior, computer science students for the 2016 Cutler Bell Prize for Excellence in High School Computing contest! Applications are being accepted May 1 – November 1, with a prize of $10,000 to be awarded to four winners. Share this opportunity with your students and encourage them to apply now.

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    WELCOME Teals Volunteers
    2017- 2018

    *Bob Koerner – Software Engineer- Tableau

    *Brian Rogers – Software Engineer – Microsoft

    *Darwin Schweitzer—Program Manager -Microsoft

    *David Berlier – Software Engineer - Slalom