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    View how to navigate to current middle and high school grades (Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

    Learning Management Services (LMS) offers secure online access to real-time information about how students in your family are doing in school. With just a few mouse clicks, you can stay informed about student progress or examine transcripts and test scores. Your student also has access to LMS, so they can monitor their own progress.

    Using the All Level K-12 access guardians can now update their own phone numbers. This new feature will make keeping current with news from the school and district that much easier.  For Middle/High School families, now you can not only see grades and assignments but LMS now contains a customizable attendance report where you can determine the date range and print a student's absences.

    LMS offers two views of attendance:

    1. The middle and high school customizable attendance view is a real time display of up to the minute entries in the gradebook.
    2. The calendar view allows you to see all your children (elementary, middle and high school) in one location and is updated from the teacher gradebook every thirty minutes.

     LMS provides families the ability to:

    • Access your student's information with a secure log in
    • View assignment grades and teachers' comments immediately as they are posted
    • Plan ahead- when upcoming assignments are displayed
    • See missing assignments
    • Review test scores and transcripts to keep students on track for graduation
    • Sign up to receive emails of class assignment reports automatically or request alerts when a grade drops below a certain letter grade
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