Grading Terms

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     UW Policy on Collaboration

    You are to complete programming assignments individually. You may discuss the assignment in general terms with other students including a discussion of how to approach the problem, but the code you write must be your own. The intent is to allow you to get some help when you are stuck, but this help should be limited and should never involve details of how to code a solution. You must abide by the following:

    • You may not work as a partner with another student on an assignment.
    • You may not show another student your solution to an assignment.
    • You may not have another person (current student, former student, tutor, friend, anyone) “walk you through” how to solve an assignment.
    • You are not to discuss homework assignments in any public forum other than the class message board.

    Under our policy, a student who gives inappropriate help is equally guilty with one who receives it. Instead of providing such help, refer other students to class resources (lecture examples, the textbook, the IPL, or emailing a TA or instructor). You must not share your solution and ideas with others. You must also ensure that your work is not copied by others by not leaving it in public places, emailing it others, posting it on the web, etc.

    If you are taking the course a second time, you are allowed to submit a previous solution that you authored unless that program was involved in a case of academic misconduct. For any assignment where academic misconduct was found (whether the case was settled formally or informally), you have to write a new version of the program.

    We enforce this policy by running similarity-detection software over all submitted student programs, including programs from past quarters.