• Here is where you learn how to apply the "SOAPS" and Levels of Questions methods for critically reading primary source documents.  Before you look at the sample, be sure you understand that "SOAPS" stands for :

    S = Subject ( the--apparently--obvious--topical issue of the document )

    O = Occasion ( or the setting and general environment in which the document was generated )

    A= Audience ( or who is supposed to see/read this document )

    P = Purpose ( or why the document was generated; this may be les-than obvious, so think on it ! )

    S = Speaker's Tone ( the attitude of the document, both generally speaking and with specific reference to specific phrases and words )

    To understand what Levels of Questions means, it is located in its own, separate in the Summer Work menu.

    Click Here for the two-page sample document.   Serra.1775.Corr.  You must print this document to work with it; one look at how it is formatted on your computer should make it clear why this is necessary ! See below for the link to questions related to this document, which will be due on the second day of classes.

     A Special Note for This Document :  

    The document's paragraphs are numbered 1-18. The total individual lines within the document are also numbered, 1-152. In the sample SOAPS and Levels of Questions reponses, the document will be cited by using this numbering system. For example, if citing lines 22 and 23 in paragraph 2 ( which starts with the line "They killed a carpenter from Guadalaxara" ), you would cite it as "4 /22-23".

    The other document and essay readings in your Summer Work will only have their paragraphs numbered; don't concern yourself with which line number any given citation may have; just cite the paragraph number ( as well as the relevant text, of course ! ).

    Click Here for a Sample Response to this document, using the "SOAPS" and Levels of Questions methods.   SOAPS.Serra.doc.Response