Sem. Log Explanation

  • Click Here for an explanation of the features and functions of the Semester Log of assignment reponses. The document is two pages long.  Semester Log Explained

    An explanation of the Log's place in the overall grading scheme of the AP USH semester grade is included, as well as a past sample of the grading rubric. 

    You must check the online course calendar for the most current Reader Response Scoresheet.

    Note :
    the new, forthcoming scores will show a reduced point total for the "Neat and Complete" and "All Questions Answered" categories, and an increased point value for the "Answers Developed" category.  The current log will be displayed on the course calendar, but its contents can also be viewed throughout the semester as they are supplementedby successive response episodes in the "Narrative" section of each student's online grade program for this assignment.

    When submitting your semester log, make sure that its contents ( i.e., the scoresheet and your original responses ) are securely contained in a binder or folder.

    Special Note for 2014-15 school year

    The student's on-line grade program will display the titles and due dates of the log-related assignments. That said, unlike previous years, a record of an individual student's actual assignment submissions is currently unavailable for viewing in the student's on-line grades. Until this feature is restored by the district's technology team to the on-line grade program, the course instructor will maintain a current record of student submissions, and will contact parents in the event a student is not submitting a significant number of assignments ( usually starting at one-third of the total after the first six-to-eight weeksof the new school year). In the meantime and as stated earlier, the current on-line grade program will allow students and parents to view a general list of Semester Log assignments inside the link for that particular grade category.