• Helpful Math Links
    Open-Up Resources:  This is the new middle school math curriculum for Everett Public Schools.
    Khan Academy & Illustrative Mathematics Teamed: they have partnered to provide Khan academy practice with the IM content which is completely aligned to the lessons. There is personalized practice alongside the new IM curriculum. There are some instructional videos imbedded, also.
    Algebra Pearson Textbook on-line version of the Algebra text. Your username and password should be the same as when you are using a Chromebook at school and logging into it. Typically the username is your student number. Your password, if you have not changed it, should be your two-digit birth month, followed by a dash, then your two-digit birthday. For example if your birthday is January 7th, your password would be 01-07. 
    1. In Internet Explorer – the shortcut to Pearson has been updated to link to Pearson
    2. In Chrome select Bookmarks>Managed Bookmarks>Pearson
    3. Grades&More site has added a Curriculum and Instruction Tools page with a linked icon
    4. EPS Google Apps Shortcuts Pearson
    5. Use the Student Tools icon for Pearson EasyBridge
    BrainPop - help in various areas of a variety of subjects.

    KhanAcademy.org :With a library of over 2400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, and practice exercises,this is a useful site to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. Videos use You-Tube so this cannot be accessed from school by students. 

    Desmos - Hands on visual activities to help students understand the concepts of math.

    MathBits.com Get help using your TI graphing calculators with demonstrations etc.

    IEXL - Math practice from Kindergarten through Algebra level. Even without a membership, kids can do up to 20 practice problems a day.

    Dr. Math on-line help for math

    Math for Morons Like US - No, you are not a moron, but this site does have some useful tips and quizzes.

    MathWorld A complete and interactive math encyclopedia

    Math 2.org Math rules, formulas and tables in both English and Spanish.

    Math Playground Games, practice, logic problems, video

    Academic SkillbuildersDon't know your basic facts? Learn them in game format.

    Illuminations -a site for teachers, parents and students sponsored by the National Teachers of Mathematics with information, games and links to other great math sites.

    CoolMath is a site with practice, games, videos, etc. a site designed for fun
    CK-12 is a site with practice for math and science concepts

    Algebra1 EOC Bank of Questions 

    BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math - A huge list of math websites. If you enter the name in the URL, you should be able to get to them.