• No One has the right to interfere with the learning, safety OR well-being of another.

    WHAT IT IS: Positive attitude and caring treatment of self, fellow students and the teacher. This pertains to these people's space, work, thoughts and opinions.


    BE PROMPT: Be in your seat, working quietly on the warm-up activity, recording the week's work in your planner, or checking your homework with a neighbor. Obviously, "checking your homework" is totally different than copying another's homework! :) You should have on your desk: your homework, red correcting pen, math notebook (in which you are doing your warm-up unless I provided another paper), scientific calculator and a sharpened pencil with an eraser.

    BE PREPARED: Bring your math notebook, completed homework, red correcting pen, calculator and a pencil with an eraser every day. Know your due dates and turn in all work on time. Unless otherwise stated, homework is due the day after it is assigned. Expect homework every night!

    BE POLITE: Raise your hand if you want to speak or ask a question, and please wait quietly for your turn to speak. I will do my best to answer everyone's questions and include everyone in the discussion. This will not work, however, if we do not take turns. Politeness also means listening carefully when the teacher or another student is talking or presenting to the class. Leave the room at least as clean or CLEANER than you found it. ALWAYS clean up after yourself and help others clean. No one leaves the room until the school calculators are put away and the classroom set of books are returned to their proper place. 

    BE PRODUCTIVE: (PARTICIPATE) Be considerate of other people's learning and work quietly while you are in the classroom. When you have been given an assignment or task in class, the expectation is that you are working on it during class time. If you complete your math work and are completely caught up on all previous math work, you may work on assignments from another class, read, or quietly help others.

    ALL food and drinks with the exception of plain water must be saved for outside class unless I give you a treat. Gum is not allowed on school grounds at all.