Math Links


    Information on the state math standards: - This is part of the official website of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Washington. The state tests (Measures of Student Progress) will be based on these standards.


    Homework Help: - Everett School District's math website. - This is a great website that shows math tutorial video clips for LOTS of math topics grades 4 - 12. There are over 2400 videos! - This website has a lot of math videos and extra help. It is geared for students in high-school-level math. This is the official website for the Holt middle school curriculum resources. Students can get their user name and password from Mrs. Lutthans. - This is the official website for the Pearson high school curriculum resources. Each student has his or her own user name and password. Mrs. Lutthans has a record of each user name & password, so if you forget, please ask! - This is an article from the Department of Education, especially designed for parents. There are links on this page to other sources. - This is specifically designed for parents and families, and answers many questions about why the current math "looks different" from the math parents may be used to. - This is a popular site and has "Ask Dr. Math" activities and help. - This website can help you with specific math problems. - This has a brief but good look at how to do the Order of Operations correctly.


    Just for Fun/Math Facts: - Try out the SAT 'Question of the Day' to see if you are ready for this college entrance exam! Some questions are on math, while other questions deal with reading comprehension or writing. - This website is designed for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. It has an interactive approach for showing students how math is used in different lines of work from fashion to meteorology. - Flashcards, games, links to homework help, and Sudoku puzzles are all on this website. - This website has flashcards, worksheets, and math games. - Practice math facts, create your own worksheets (with answers), check out additional resources, or play math games! - This has great games on math topics for grades 5 - 9. It also has logic puzzles, word problems, and math videos. - This website has games on math topics from basic math facts through pre-algebra. If you need to improve your knowledge (and speed) of the multiplication tables, try this site! - This has math from Kindergarten through high school Geometry. Even without a membership, kids can do up to 20 practice problems a day. - Get help and tips for using your TI-83+/TI-84/TI-84+ graphing calculator.

    Sudoku Puzzles: - This site has a new Sudoku puzzle every day, and it has access to two weeks worth of old puzzles. The puzzles get increasingly difficult as the week goes on. There are also other puzzles and crosswords to do. - This site has many Sudoku puzzles ranging from the levels of 'easy' to 'evil.' - Many Sudoku puzzles are on this website, and it also gives tips and hints when you need them.