Math Classwork and Homework

    Classwork and homework are important parts of the learning process. If a student is absent, he/she needs to find out what they missed by consulting the weekly schedule posted in class and on-line in this website (Click on the calendar for the class).The weekly course schedule lists what we did during class and what the homework was for each day. If the student was absent the previous week, they should consult the previous week's schedule from this site or the hard copy that is posted in class by the bin of worksheets filed by week for each class. I put extra copies of the any handouts and class notes in the Homework Bin and I post them on my website on the calendar for Algebra or 8th grade Math. The students are expected to access these themselves.

    The student is allowed two days to complete missed work for each day of an excused absence. However, the sooner they can make it up the better since each day builds on the previous knowledge. If the student can come back to class with the homework completed, it would be awesome! Make certain to write ABSENT (and the date you were absent) on the top of an assignment that is submitted late due to an absence.

    We correct homework in class and each student corrects their own with a red correcting pen. They are expected to circle errors or make corrections with their correcting pen and record both the fraction (pts rcvd/total poss) as well as the symbol score they received. By correcting their own papers they are able to see their mistakes and can look back to them and make certain they can do these problems prior to a test or quiz. The students put a score (fraction and symbol score based on my instructions)  on the top of the paper prior to submitting them so I can record grades. If a student is absent or is turning an assignment in late, they need to correct the paper on their own time from the Homework Answer Key Notebook located in the room prior to submitting it to the IN drawer for their period .

    For your information, I have listed what each symbol score for homework means and the corresponding grade that it signifies.

    Exceeding standard (4) --- A student has completed an above standard amount of the problems correctly (~90%-100%). It also means they have attempted each problem assigned. This does not necessarily mean they got every problem correct, but they got attempted every problem and accurately completed enough that I determine they are understanding and performing at an advanced level and this gives the student 100% on that assignment in my gradebook.

    Meeting standard (3) --- A student has completed a standard amount of problems correctly. This means they missed a few problems but are proficient at the given concepts and this gives the student 85% on that particular assignment.

    Approaching (or nearing) standard (2) --- A student has shown a basic understanding of the concept. They may have made several small errors or had some recurring misconception that kept them from proficiency. They need to work at the concept to be proficient. They are close to meeting standard but are not quite there yet. A basic understanding on an assignment translates to a 75% on that assignment. You may redo, re-correct and resubmit any assignments if you do not meet standard.

    Below standard (1) --- A student has shown they have very little or no understanding of the concept. Little effort has been shown and they are performing well below a basic understanding. Usually this score is the result of poor direction following, not completing all of the assignment, lack of attention in class, or sometimes just having a bad day. They should ask for help from someone if they get a below standard grade on an assignment. If you get "below standard" on any assignment, it is in your best interest to redo that assignment to show that you know it now. You must re-grade the redone assignment prior to submitting it to me. This translates to a 65% on this one assignment.

    Other grading notes:

    If an assignment is blank, I have not put it into the computer yet and it is NOT affecting students' grades. Assignments which I have recorded that are labeled M for missing, AB for absent, or I for incomplete are counted as a zero and should be completed. If you see X for excused, the student does not need to complete that assignment and it is not affecting their grade.