• Heatherwood Middle School

    8th Grade Art – Advanced Art

    Whole year long


    Teacher: Ms. Tami Coffman

    Room: C 107

    Email Address: tcoffman@everettsd.org

    Phone: 425-385-6407

    The best way to reach me is by email.


    Course Description:

    This is a year long course designed to provide 8th grade students with an in-depth exploration into he Elements and Principles of Art.  Art history will be taught along with studio art.  In addition, at least one project will be done in digital form. As student skills increase over time, the projects will become more challenging. Individual creativity, neatness and the respect for the work of others are encouraged at all levels.


    • Area of Study:  Elements of Art (line, shape, form, color, texture, shape, space) & Principles of Art (unity, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, movement, and rhythm.) The students will study how to connect elements and principles of art together. The creation of a balanced composition will be emphasized and practiced throughout the year. Students will be able to produce a solid work of art in both two and three dimensional form.
    • In creating a two dimensional work of art, the students will learn both realistic and abstract form of visual expression and will use the following media for:

    1.     Drawing (drawing pencils, charcoal, colored pencils)

    2.     Painting (acrylic, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels)

    3.     Printmaking (ink)

    • In creating a three dimensional work of art, the students will use the following media for:

    1.     Ceramic (clay) Hand built method will be practiced. Pottery wheel method will be introduced.

    2.     Sculpture: (may be plaster, paper mache, wood, fabric or wire) All types of sculpture processes –carving, modeling, assembly - will be introduced.

    3.     Glass fusing (glass sheets, stripes and frit)

    • Digital Art.  Students will create an art project using Photoshop Elements.
    • Art movements, periods, artists and styles: Realism, Impressionism, Modern Art (Cubism and Pop Art.)  The students will either model artists who belonged to each of the movement or develop their own style inspired by the movement studied.  By doing so, they will learn how to visually express themselves in their own or somebody else’s artistic style. Individual styles and imagination will be encouraged.
    • Multicultural Art Group Project and Presentation: This project wraps up the school year and gives students a chance to show their knowledge of Art as an academic discipline..  They will brainstorm and develop the ideas for the topic, medium and style they want to choose for this project.  The project will be presented with the idea of student presenters teaching the rest of the class, not only about their created art work, but also about the meaning and purpose of Art in general.  Specific guidelines and requirements need to be followed and fulfilled in order to successfully complete this project.
    • CBA  assessment, summative and formative assessments will be given in addition to a major project for each unit.



    Grading Procedures:
    Semester Grades will be determined by daily work and finished projects.  Each larger project will have written and oral guidelines which will be assessed at project completion. The four criteria for each assignment will be Creative Process (planning project and following steps to completion), Composition (elements of art/principles of design), Communication (message), and Craftsmanship (neat, careful, quality work). Students will be encouraged to self assess using the project rubric to determine when work is complete.

    Semester grades are broken down into the following categories:
    Formative assessments: warm ups, sketch book practice, daily assignments, quick quizzes:  30% of overall grade
    Summative assessments: Projects, tests:  70% of overall grade

    Classroom Expectations:
    Do your best and have a positive attitude!
    Treat others respectfully.
    Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.
    Be prepared for class.
    Respect art supplies and school property.
    Clean up on time- classes are dismissed when supplies are accounted for, tables clean, and floor is clear.

    My expectation is that students are on task, work hard, listen to instruction, and respect others.  Students who fail to meet these expectations will have the following consequences.

    1st Offense:  Warning
    2nd Offense: In-class consequences (seat change, loss of privileges) - student will be asked to state a plan for change of his or her behavior.
    3rd Offense: Detention (lunch time or after school.) Parent/guardian contact via email will follow.

    Make up Work:
    Students are expected to complete all work in class.  If a student is not able to complete the project during class time, he or she will receive one additional week to complete the project after school.  This needs to be prearranged with the teacher. 

    Hallway Passes:
    Hallway passes are used for bathroom breaks and office visits.  A sign-up sheet is available on the teacher's desk.  Students are not allowed to leave the room without teacher permission.

    Food, drink, gum chewing and student backpacks are not allowed in the art room.  Water bottles are OK, but they need to be put on the counter by the classroom door.

    Materials and Supplies:
    Most of the art supplies will be provided in the classroom.  This includes paint, brushes, color pencils, drawing pencils, markers, clay and other ceramic material, glass, paper, rulers, etc.  However, each student should have his/her own:

       1. Sharpener
       2. Eraser

    Art Fee Information:
    The are department is requesting that 8th students pay $15.00 to cover the purchase of art supplies used by students for the whole school year.

    8th grade students: whole year art fee.  Total $15.00
    You can make your payment by cash or check. If you are paying by check, please write it to Heatherwood Middle School.  

    The payment should be in by Friday, September 13th, 2019. Please bring it to the main office.  If you are unable to pay this fee, please contact, Mrs. Coffman at tcoffman@everettsd.org.


    I am looking forward to working with the creative 8th graders at Heatherwood Middle School this year!


    Thank You,


    Ms. Tami Coffman
















    Please return this page to Ms. Coffman


    I have read the course syllabus and class expectations.  I understand that a $15.00 art fee which covers the whole year of art, will be applied towards the purchase of art supplies.  The payment should be in by Friday, September 13th, 2019


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