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    Homework completion not only increases academic skill, but builds good work habits and develops responsibility.

    Homework is an extension of what we are doing in class. Students will bring home their take home folders every day. In their take home folder they will have their Weekly Report/Planner and monthly reading calendar. Their planner will have their homework assignment written on it. Daily homework is given Monday-Thursday and is due the next school day. Assignments may include math, reading, unfinished daily work, or spelling. This homework typically should take your child 20-30 minutes to complete. Please take time with your child to review their planners. This is a great way to encourage communication between your child, school, and home!
    HOMEWORK FOLDER/WEEKLY REPORT:Our weekly reading homework goal for students in 3rd grade is to read 20 minutes a night, 6 times a week, for a total of 120 minutes. Parents record reading by initialing the reading calendar. The reading can be done on their own or together with someone at home.  On Mondays, Weekly Reports will be collected. A weekly parent signature on the report is required. Reading calendars will be collected once a month.
    Much research has been done on the importance of reading. Studies show that the single most important activity for building knowledge required for eventual success in reading and writing is reading with your child. It also shows that the average minutes per day reading books is the best predictor of comprehension gains in reading achievement between the 2nd and 5th grades. Increased time spent reading improves comprehension, richer vocabulary knowledge, and the beginnings of making your child a life-long reader.
    Besides reading independently, it's important for your child to hear you read to them. When choosing a read aloud book, you can choose a book that it several reading levels above what your child can read themselves. Your student's listening reading level is higher then their independent reading level. A great resource for finding read aloud suggestions is Jim Trelease's website.

    ***If your child finishes their homework assignment early, they can always
    choose from the following home activities:

    - Writing in a journal

    - Practicing math facts (Xtramath)

    - Practicing spelling words

    - Practicing math concepts (see Pearson SuccessNet)

    - Practicing their typing/keyboarding skills!!! (VIP) I added some sites to my quick links computer