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    What is the SBA?
    A: A state assessment to measure student progress, 3rd graders participate in the ELA and mathematics assessments. This will take place in April or May. The best way to ensure your student's success on this test is to make sure they attend school, complete their homework, and read every night.
    How do I challenge my child at home?
    A: I suggest for reading to encourage them to read different genres of literature, the more areas they read the more they'll enhance their vocabulary and background knowledge.  Math - students should master their facts (+,-, x, /), I've also added some great websites to my math quick-links page where parents and students can go to find challenging ideas.  
     I feel like my child is being teased and or bullied, what should I do?
    A: COME TO ME ASAP!  So many times students are afraid to "tell on" their peers.  There is no tolerance in our school and district for bullying, and it can only be stopped if I am aware.  You are always welcome to contact our school counselor for advice as well.  Please don't wait until the last minute, I need to know!
    My child is very frustrated with the homework and I can't seem to help, what should I do?
    A: That is why I am here, please again let me know so I can work with your child to find a way to help make s/he successful.
    I'd like to volunteer, when does that begin?
    A: As a teacher I like to connect with my students for the first month of September before I start with volunteers.  Generally in October I love having parents and guardians in the classroom.  Please make sure you are current with you volunteer form.  If not you can easily sign up on the website!