• AP Chemistry Summer Activities 2013-2014

    1. Read through the Introduction to AP Chemistry letter, Syllabus, and General Pacing Guide for the year. (please note - the pacing guide may be modified based on changes to the course from the College Board; a specific, daily schedule per unit will be posted at the beginning of the year; we will adhere to that schedule so that we can meet the expected deadline and goal of the AP Exam in May)

    2. Send Ms. Cartwright an email introducing yourself and your family. Tell me about why you want to take AP Chemistry, what else your taking next year, and what you plan to do over the summer. Email address for Ms. Cartwright is as follows: acartwright@everettsd.org

    3. Using your book (chapters 1, 2, & 3) of the course text (or the internet if necessary), complete the following packet(show ALL of your work). This work will be turned in on the first day of school. (There will be a no-notes test on these the FIRST DAY of school)

    Summer Homework Packet for 2013-2014


    Online tutorial links for help/notes for Chapters 1 - 3 in textbook

    *note - there is a test help video linked here!

    4. Commit the below table of Common Polyatomic Ions to memory: (you will need to know these to be successful on the test on the FIRST DAY of school)

    Names, Formula, & Charges of Polyatomic Ions

    P3- phosphide

    PO33- phosphite

    PO43- phosphate

    HPO42- monohydrogen phosphate

    H2PO4- dihydrogen phosphate

    O22- peroxide

    CN- cyanide

    SCN- thiocyanate

    C4- carbide

    SiO32- silicate

    C2O42- oxalate


    C2H3O2- acetate

    H- hydride

    OH- hydroxide

    CrO42- chromate

    Cr2O72- dichromate

    N3- nitride

    NO3- nitrate

    NO2- nitrite

    As3- arsenide

    Br- bromide

    F- fluoride

    I- Iodide

    CO32- carbonate

    HCO3- hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate)


    NH4+ ammonium

    S2- sulfide

    HS- hydrogen sulfide (bisulfide)

    SO42- Sulfate

    SO32- Sulfite

    HSO4- hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate)

    HSO3- hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite)

    S2O32- thiosulfate

    O2- oxide

    Se2- selenide

    Te2- telluride

    Cations (other than group 1A, 2A) that are normally written without roman numeral charge designators

    Al3+ Aluminum

    C4+ carbon

    Ga3+ gallium

    Si4+ silicon

    Ag+ silver

    Cl- chloride

    ClO4- perchlorate

    ClO3- chlorate

    ClO2- chlorite



    5. Print out, read, and sign the following (with a parent/guardian). They are due the first day of school.

    • Safety Contract (this contract is posted as its own tab on Mrs. Cartwright's AP Chemistry page)
    • Full Value Contract (this contract is posted as its own tab on Mrs. Cartwrights's webpage)

    6. Read through the rest of the webpage - be prepared with materials and resources to allow yourself to be successful each day of class and on the AP Exam in May!