Gateway Middle School Health and Fitness Program


    Welcome to the Gateway Physical Education program. We are excited about our curriculum and hope our students will find it enjoyable as well as educational. Our program is based on four basic goals:

    1)      Teach students how to be healthy for life.

    2)      Help students learn to have positive attitudes about fitness and nutrition.

    3)      Mastering of basic sports and movement skills.

    4)      Learning the cooperative aspect of sports by participating in teams and team building activities.


    We believe these four goals, when integrated with the entire school learning experience, will provide each student with a healthy physical education experience at Gateway Middle School.


    Suit Up Responsibility

    As a self-directed learner, each student is expected to be ready to participate in all PE activities. It is the responsibility of each student to suit up in a proper Gateway PE uniform. Students should be prepared for activity in all weather conditions. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are strongly recommended and may be worn over the uniform. Due to safety, zippers are not allowed.


    *Shoes must be athletic style and supportive with non-marking soles.


    If a student forgets proper gym attire, report directly to the locker room supervisor who will loan you a “rental” uniform for the period.  This process takes time away from instruction; therefore participation points will be deducted progressively with each rental (1 pt. the first time, 2 pts. the second, 3 pts. the third, etc.). On the third and all subsequent rentals, parents will be notified and an infraction slip will be issued. 


    Locks, Baskets, and Lockers

    All students will be issued a lock and basket to use during the school year. The combination to the lock is expected to be confidential.  Students are not permitted to use non-school issued locks. Classes will be moving in and out of the locker room at various times during the day. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their basket is locked up with all belongings safely secured. The school is not responsible for lost items. Gateway mesh bags are available for purchase to keep gym clothes secure in basket and for transporting between school and home. Locks should not be removed from the locker room – they are the property of the school district. All lost locks should be immediately reported to the locker room supervisor. Any student who loses or damages their lock will be fined a $5.00 replacement fee. Lost or damaged baskets will be fined up to $45.

    Showering and Towels

    Showering after gym class is not required and towels will not be provided. 


    Valuables & Restricted Items

    For the student’s personal safety and to avoid damage to school equipment, all jewelry is required to be removed before class starts. All personal items brought to school should be left in the hall locker provided. Backpacks are not allowed in the locker room. Teachers will not lock valuables in their offices. Do not bring cell phones, food, candy, gum or pop to PE classes. You will not be allowed to eat or drink for reasons of safety and hygiene. For safety reasons, food, drinks, glass bottles, curling irons, and hair dryers are not allowed in the locker room. Due to allergy concerns perfumes, scented lotions, aerosol deodorants, and/or hair spray are not permitted in the locker room.


    Limitations, Injuries and Excuses

    Students can only be exempt from PE with a written note from a physician or parent. All notes should include the student’s name, reason for the excuse, and the date they may resume activity. A written note from a parent can excuse a student for up to 3 school days, but the student will still be required to suit up and participate in activities not affected by his/her limitation or makeup the missed PE activities. All written notes must be directly handed to the student’s teacher. After three days, a written note from a physician is required.  Include the specific limitations with the medical note so individual curriculum arrangements can be made. Please include a phone number where a parent or guardian may be reached. In the case of long term physician excused injuries the student will be excused from PE participation.  If a student has a preexisting medical condition (i.e. asthma, heart condition, etc.) please provide the PE teacher with a physician’s note describing specific limitations or medications needed. All medications must be registered with the nurse.



    Grading Criteria

    Grades in PE will be based on participation/effort/sportsmanship, written work, classroom health work, skills, journals and fitness tests.  Assessment and retest policy varies based on format and safety concerns for each unit. See website for specific information. Absent students are responsible for any information, written work, or participation. Physical Education is a participation based class, therefore any absence or day missed need to be made up within two weeks from the day you return to participation. “Fitness Days” must be made up after school with a PE teacher and all other days should be made up with a PE makeup form. Forms are located in the PE offices or by a link on the PE website.
    Units and Assessments breakdown on retakes
    Archery written   retest
    Badminton written   retest 
    Bowling written   retest
    Dance   practical retest
    Flag football written   retest
    Floor hockey written   retest
    Frisbee written practical retest
    Golf written   retest
    Health written    
    Journals written   revise
    Jump rope   practical retest
    Kangaball written   retest
    Lacrosse written   retest
    Pickleball written   retest
    Recreation sports   practical  
    Rockwall   practical retest
    Rugby written   retest
    Soccer written