• Learning Management System (LMS)
    On-Line Grades

    On-line grades are a wonderful way for students and parents to keep track of work at school and know what grade the student is earning in every class. Teachers at Gateway Middle School are very good at updating their grades and most of them update weekly or every other week. The Learning Management System (LMS) is very user friendly and shows a student's schedule, attendance, behavior incidents, progress reports, transcripts and assessments.

    To set up your account, visit: https://lms.everettsd.org/secure/HomePage.aspx

    Counselor's tips for using on-line grades:

    1. Students and Parents should look at on-line grades together once a week. These weekly viewings are a wonderful teaching opportunity for parents to congratulate their student on their good work at school or to problem solve why there are missing assignments or poor grades on tests. We are all busy and it would mean so much to a young teenager to know that their parent cares enough about them to discuss their success and struggles at school on a weekly basis. 
    2. When you have a question about how a teacher is grading assignments or why work is showing up that has not been done yet email the teacher and ask them. 
    3. When a student is missing work print out the list of assignments for that class, highlight the missing work and have your student talk with their teacher about how to make those assignments up.