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    Gateway has an LGBTQ+ club called the Pride club.  The purpose of Pride Club is to provide students with a safe place where they can talk about their experiences and feel acceptance and support from peers and staff.  Eighth grade students are welcomed to attend.  Pride club meets every other week during 8th grade lunch.  If you are interested in participating contact our new club advisor when they are announced...stay tuned!
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    A significant portion of bullying at the middle school level consists of sexual orientation harassment. The GLBTQ has been created to support those youth who are being harassed about their sexual orientation and to provide information to increase tolerance and provide these questioning youth with support. The GLBTQ does not expect to "change" how people feel about different sexual orientations but it does hope to allow each person the right to live without being harassed through tolerance. If you are a Gateway student who is GLBTQ or a parent of a GLBTQ you can contact your school counselor for additional information.
    Resources for Students, Teachers and Educator click here
    For additional information about GLBTQ click here
    OnlineSchools.org Resources for LGBTQ Students: http://www.onlineschools.org/lgbtq-student-guide/
    The safe school coalition can provide additional assistance to GLBTQ youth. Their number is 1-888-307-9275 (Monday-Thursday 2-8pm). Their website is http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/
    A list of the 30 best colleges for LGBT students according to Best Colleges.com.  This list was created to help connect LGBT students with the schools taking the most impressive measures to meet their needs.
    The LGBTQ+ College Student Resource Center has a guide with information, advice, and resources to help LGBTQ students find the best university to meet their needs, and find emotional and financial support. It explores the positive impact that having LGBTQ resources and organizations on campus can make. To help students find colleges with LGBTQ centers across the different states, there's a useful interactive map. There is also an expert interview. In this section, a number of important things are identified for students to consider when they're choosing a college.  To view this information click on this link: https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/lgbtq-college-student-resources/

    Words can hurt. The following is a history of some common words heard in a middle school when referring to a person's sexual orientation.  

    Age appropriate books for GLBTQ Youth

    Here is a list of recommended books and resources addressing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender issues that schools are encouraged to have in their collection. All of these are suitable for classroom and library use to address the prescribed learning outcomes in Personal Planning K-7, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health & Career Education K-7 and 8-9, Planning 10 – or any effort to make your school a affirming space for all students, staff, and families. Glen Hansman, VSB Antihomophobia & Diversity Consultant

    For PDF list click here

    Here is a link to College Scholarship opportunities for LGBTQ youth: LGBTQIA Scholarships


    Jan 18, 2019 we had Flawless Kevin speak at our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly about Dr. King's message of acceptance and tolerance for all people.  Kevin emphasized the importance of having love for yourself and acknowledging that every person has a story.

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