• March is High School Transition Month at Gateway

    Graduation Toolkits on the District website 

    Our district keeps up to date information about high school transitions and high school graduation including information about Middle School courses for High School credit.  Click here to visit the site.

    Important Events at Gateway

    First week of March
    - In their High School and Beyond class 8th graders will receive their high school course catalog and start working on their high school four year high school plan. We encourage you to have your student show you their plan and help them identify classes they may want to take in high school.
    Middle of March
    - Jackson High School counselors will meet with their future 9th graders to distribute high school information and registration materials. Students are assigned to a counselor by last name/alpha. Please see the JHS website for counselor assignment JHS Counseling.
    - Jackson High School Family Night-JHS Gym, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Jackson HS will be calling you with details about this important event for all 8th graders.
    - In English classes 8th graders will continue to work on their four year high school plan, input their plan into Naviance and complete the High School and Beyond Survey through Naviance.   
    Last week of March
    - Jackson High School registration at Gateway. Parents and their 8th grader will have a 15-minute appointment to discuss 9th grade schedule choices with a Jackson and Gateway staff member. After the 15 minute appointment, your student will go to the Library to put their elective requests into the computer and make any final changes to their 9th grade schedule.
    You will be notified by mail of your appointment time about two weeks prior to the event.
    Parents please save HS registration day on your calendar and try to keep your day flexible so you may attend the scheduled registration appointment with your student.
    Thank you for your support. Your involvement is key to a smooth transition from middle school to high school for your 8th grade student.