• Careers
    Many students in middle school are not able to make the connection to future careers and what they are doing in middle school. It is important that students in middle school start to consider what they want to do for a career. In no way do they need to have a decision made but they would benefit from thinking about it. One way to look at career possibilities is a website called Naviance. The Everett School District purchases the rights to use this site and it has an incredible amount of useful information. Students can take the interest surveys and then parents and students can discuss the results and the careers that are suggested.
    To access the Naviance log in page click on the icon below: 
    To log into Naviance students use the same user name and password they use for logging into the computers at school. 
    After you are logged in you can navigate through the site and take interest inventory quizzes, career searches and many different types of career finder activities.  Based on the results of the quiz many career options will be displayed and with each option it explains income, education needed, training and more information that you can look at for each career.
    For additional information about Naviance click here