• Social / Emotional

    There are countless issues that students in middle school are dealing with. The following are some of the most common:

    - Studies have shown that around age 10 parents and adults stop becoming the main influence on children and peers become the most influential. Suddenly it is not "cool" to be seen with mom and dad and what a friend says has much more weight than what a parent says.

    - Students at this age are extremely ego centric: Meaning if "Billy" hears someone in the lunch room laugh "Billy" is without a doubt convinced that person is laughing at him. Or if a parent decides to do something that keeps his or her child from having access to a friend that parent did that to keep the friends from interacting.

    - Middle School aged students are experiencing very noticeable changes in their bodies. Not only are they more interested in the opposite gender but they are more tired and experience emotions that they may not have had before. This can be very confusing.

    - Tomorrow? What is tomorrow? Children this age tend to have little concept of the future. They have trouble making the connection that not working hard in math now will make it likely that they do not have the skills to pass math in high school which would mean they have to take it over or don't graduate which then has it's own ramifications.

    - Students now have more teachers and are expected to keep track of work for several days before turning it in. They also are expected to monitor long term projects and learn new concepts on an almost daily basis.

    Given all of these issues it is no wonder that Middle School can be a difficult time of life.