Social studies is a combination of several fields of studies: civics, economics, geography and history. All of this can be taught in exciting ways for second and third graders.

    We'll begin the year finding out how some very useful everyday things were invented by MISTAKE! It's a fun look into history---plus, this also helps children who might be perfectionists learn that making a mistake is not the end of the world.

    During the year we'll learn an overview of the geography of North America with a special emphasis on the United States. We'll learn the history of several Native American tribes from different geographical areas of the US. Comparing them will help us see how geography shapes culture.

    We'll also learn a bit about Canada and Mexico, our neighbors.  How are our countries similar / different?  

    Our class will also find out how our local government works. We'll learn how everyday people can help make decisions in their community.

    Throughout the year we'll do real-world social studies and science work at Johnston-Kelly Park. This small environmental park is right next to our school. In many ways it's like our outdoor learning lab---and only a five minute walk from our classroom!