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  • Autumn Animation

    This project took place over the course of many sessions in the computer lab.  First, students watched a video from Discovery Education Streaming  titled "Seasons Under the Sun: Autumn."   While watching the video students took notes about the changes that occur in autumn.  These notes were typed on a Word  template titled "Autumn Changes"  Students were shown how to create the "Split Screen Option"  in Windows 7  so they could watch, start and stop the video easily, while at the same time taking notes on their Word  document. Next, students created a PowerPoint  presentation focusing on their notes from the video. 
    Finally, using "Animate" on the www.abcya.com website, each student created an animated illustration of autumn's changes. Students saved their animations before exiting the website.  Using the "GIF to Flash Converter" software (available at http://www.program4pc.com/gif-to-flash-converter.html#page=page-1) student animation (GIF) files were converted to an avi, PowerPoint-friendly, format. The animation video was inserted onto a slide in each student's presentation.  Take a look at one of the projects created...
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  • "Autumn's Changes" Note Taking Document

    While watching the "Season's Under the Sun: Autumn"  video, students took notes on this template.
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