• AP-to-College Credit.  Click Here for the 2011 document from Everett Public Schools concerning how AP courses can lead to tuition savings at selected regional colleges and universities.


    NOTE: tuition savings are dependent upon the following, which students and their families need to investigate:

    • The credit-granting policy of specific colleges and universities. Some grant no credits at all, others do grant grant credit in some academic departments, but not in others !

    • A student's AP exam score.Some colleges which grant tuition credits equivalent to an AP test score accept a test score of a "3". Most credit-granting instiutions, however, do not grant credit unless the score is a "4" or "5."


    • College and university policies on AP credit can change from year to year, and can vary still further among academic departments located in the same institution. The College Board's website should have a current list of credit-granting colleges and universities.