• 7 Steps DBQClick Here for charts, rubrics and other aids in helping you to write high-scoring DBQ essay in just seven easy steps ! The explanatory documents are four pages in length, followed by a one-page graphic organizer.

    p. 1 What is a DBQ ?

    p. 2 Construction of Persuassive Essays

    p. 3 Seven Steps in Essay Writing ( see "Things to Note" below )

    p. 4 Key Words in Essay Questions

    p. 5 sample graphic organizer

    Things to Note re. "Seven Steps in Essay Writing :

    In the "Seven Steps in Essay Writing", the following two steps are usually not performed in highly time-sensitive composition environments like the DBQ and FRQ :

    #4. the Introduction

    # 6. the Conclusion

    That means there are only actually Five Steps,something that iseasy to remember when put alongside the Five Habits of Mind ( recall those, don't you? ).