• Khan Academy is one of the online, adaptive intervention and enrichment tools we are using this year in math to support student learning.  We are excited that we have this opportunity to use Chromebooks in the classroom with Khan Academy and our online textbook, Holt-McDougal.
    Each of our students now has a Khan Academy account.  Their username is typically their first name followed by their lunch ID number, with no spaces.  Their password is their birthday - month, day and year (ex.  01-02-02).  We will let students know what their username is so they will be able to access Khan Academy from any computer with internet service to continue their self-paced learning!  
    As their Coach we are able to track the number of minutes student spend online, their progress toward mastery, and whether they are struggling with a particular concept or skill.  We are then able to assign recommended additional practice to further support their learning.  Khan Academy also has videos so students, if they are struggling, can watch a video of how to solve a particular problem.  The learning with Khan Academy is virtually endless!! 
    You can find Khan Academy at http://www.khanacademy.org
    I hope you and your student find using Khan Academy to be useful and FUN!