• To help determine what credits a student may need to graduate, use the credit check form linked below.
    See your counselor if you have any questions. Remember, every box equals one 0.5 credit class!


    1. Write in your Name, Student ID / Graduation year and Date in the appropriate fields

    2. Fill in the grades you earned for each graduation requirement


    In the first English box (9th grade English) enter the grade you earned 1st semester.

    In the second English box (also 9th grade English) enter the grade you earned 2nd semester.

    In the first math box (your first semester of math) enter the math grade you earned,

    and write in the name of the math level (Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2, etc).

    Have you taken more math, science, world language, CTE, etc. credits than what are required?

    Add that class information to the "electives" boxes.