Breakfast in the Schools

  • Over the past five years significant new evidence has documented the link between eating breakfast and learning.  Recent studies show that skipping breakfast is relatively common among children in the U.S. ...and associated with quantifiable negative consequences for academic, cognitive, health and mental health functioning.    J. Michael Murphy, EdD, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, 2007
    Did you know breakfast is offered to every student at every school on a daily basis?
    Breakfast is free for all students that qualify for free or reduced lunch
    The cost for breakfast is $1.25 at every elementary school and $1.50 at every middle and high school
    Everett Public Schools Menu Facts:
    • All cereals are whole grain and reduced sugar
    • All breakfast items are whole grain rich including the cinnamon roll                                                                                                              
    • A variety of fruit is available every morning
    • All items are prepared on site
    Benefits of eating breakfast can include:
    • Improved test scores
    • Improved attendance
    • Fewer trips to the nurse
    • Improved behavior


     Fruit Selection