• How to earn extra credit in Spanish class
    News articles option
    Find an article about a current event in a Spanish speaking country (in English)
    Full length articles are worth 5  points
    Summary length articles are worth 2.5 points
    Read the article and write down the key points
    Tell me before class that you have an article to present and ask me any questions you have about it
    Tell the class about the article (about one minute in English).  Don't read to us!
    Restaurant option
    Locate a non-Mexican Hispanic restaurant (there are many, but three are Twisted Cuban, Isla and El Gaucho)
    Interact with the waiter in Spanish
    Write a review of 50-75 words
    Note - extra credit may not be used to earn an A or A- grade. 
    Limit - 50 points until half way through the semester, 25 points after that time