Online HS Summer Program

  • Online learning provides an opportunity for students to take classes offsite with courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any Internet-connected computer. 

    While on-site summer school runs in two different sessions, OnlineHS summer school runs from July 1 through August 8. 

    Students who are successful ONLINE learners are:

    Self-motivated, organized, task-oriented and good electronic communicators
      • Comfortable using computers and familiar with basic productivity tools such as word processing and spreadsheets.
      • Experienced Internet users who can navigate comfortably, search the Internet, and are able to download or save information.
      • Students MUST have their own, valid, reliable email account prior to registering
      • Minimum computer requirements include a reliable home computer connected to the Internet running current versions of computer operating systems (Windows or IOS/Apple). Browsers: Internet Explorer & Chrome (preferred). 

    OnlineHS Introduction Tuesday, July 2, 1 p.m. in CHS Cafeteria

      • Open to any interested student or parent. Join Us!

      • For NEW OnlineHS students and families, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending this optional, and valuable presentation for online learning during summer term. 
    OnlineHS Expectations
    1. Log-in daily (First log-in must be before noon July 1)
    2. Maintain weekly contact with the instructor
    3. Meet all class deadlines
    4. Attend onsite classes if they are not making sufficient progress in their course
    5. Students who have not logged-in to their ONLINE class by Noon on Friday July 5, will be DROPPED from the summer school program.
    OnlineHS Credits
      • Courses are regular 75-90 hour semester 0.5 credit courses (delivered in 6 week summer school)
      • Students MAY enroll in multiple courses during the summer, however:
      • Students may enroll in only ONE .5 credit class at a time
      • Students can take only ONE PE class during the summer session.
      • To be eligible to enroll in a second course, students must have successfully earned a passing grade in the first summer course prior to July 21. 
      • Course fee for additional classes will be collected at time of enrollment.