April Weitkamp Welcome to the grade 3-5 Life Skills class at Lowell Elementary!  We are delighted to have you and your child join us.  Our classroom is a unique and dynamic place with a lot going on each and every day.  We are very excited to have your student in our class this year and are  looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development. I have enjoyed my time getting to know the Lowell staff and look forward to an exciting year of discovery for all of us.
    I have been teaching in a self-contained special education setting since 1998, and have been with the Everett school district since 2004.  I received my BA in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Special Education from Washington State University in 1997, and spent the next few years working for the Kent School District.  I received my MA in Educational Counseling from Seattle Pacific University prior to coming to Everett. After a dozen years at Jefferson, I am thrilled at the opportunity to return to focusing on grades 3-5 as the second Life Skills teacher (with Kelly Robideau).
    The focus for our classroom (in addition to our IEPs) is communication. How can we model it, how can we teach alternative forms to use, and how can we make it meaningful and available to our students in any environment? We LOVE to see how far our students have come and learn through the years, especially when they come back to visit us in the future.
    I enjoy reading, taking walks and spending time with my family, including my son Lukas and daughter Olivia (who gets to attend Lowell with me this year).

    If you wish to reach me, I am available via email at aweitkamp@everettsd.org and via phone at 425.385.5325.  Please allow me 24 hours to respond.
    Thank you,
    April Weitkamp :) 
    enjoy your summer
    While on summer vacation I will be checking email weekly and helping with student issues for both Lowell and my former school. Please notify me if you need my assistance. I look forward to a lot of learning together this fall!

    IF YOU NEED TECHNOLOGY HELP - TRY THIS LINK https://www.everettsd.org/Page/32723 - and if unable to find your answer, please feel free to email me at aweitkamp@everettsd.org.