• I encourage all students to continue on to the Advanced Placement level in French. To begin preparing students, my course content will parallel the AP content standards which directly align with the State and National World Language Standards as well as the Common Core.
    The revised AP Exam no longer places such a strong emphasis on grammar and grammatical structures - the key is comprehension and communication of the language in all forms; reading / writing / speaking / & listening.  My goal is to teach using Comprehensible Input, or CI techniques, which means that students should not be guessing and trying to figure out the language, they will be using it confidently with complete comprehension. 
    Another emphasis of the AP Exam is understanding the impact of the French language around the world and the diversity of areas where French is spoken. I will be helping students research cultural issues in these francophone countries and learn how to compare & contrast and share information related to these countries - using their French.  (French One will begin in English, gradually moving into French.)  Not only will students be learning French, they will also be gaining knowledge about the world that might have a major impact on their future!
    For more information about the French AP program,  please check out their site.    Peace Dove on top of Globe