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    Course Description (Syllabus)

    The AP Physics 1 course will meet every day for normally 55 minutes. The AP College Board has designed the AP Physics 1 course as an equivalent to an algebra-based college-level physics class. At the end of the course, students will take the AP Physics 1 Exam, which will test students’ knowledge of both the conceptual and mathematical formulations of the requisite concepts. 

    More specifically, students are expected to demonstrate their learning through the creation, interpretation, and analysis of data. Students will then be assessed through the production of their written work, tasks, laboratory reports, practicums, oral presentations, projects, tests/quizzes, and composition notebook. The composition notebook is used every day for classwork, notes, tasks, labs, practicums, etc. Therefore, to be successful in this course, it is necessary that students keep an organized and updated composition notebook.

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