Algebra Overview

  • Expectations
    • Attendance:    Nothing takes the place of learning at school. Given that, if you do miss school please check the calendar for learning experiences that were missed for that day. Those students who are in their seats working on the entry task when the bell rings will NOT be marked tardy. 
    • Required Daily Materials:  Pencil, Math Notebook, Agenda (There are math textbooks available in class, so there is no need to carry a heavy textbook each day.)
    • Homework:  Please check the calendar and on-line grades to be sure daily work is getting completed.
      • After School Support:  After school support is available most days from Monday through Thursday.  This is a great way to receive extra help if the class work or current topics are too challenging!
      • Pearson On-line Text:  

        1.       Go to district website.

        2.       Click on “Grades and more”

        3.       On left of screen you’ll see “Curriculum and Instruction Tools” Click on those words.

        4.       Choose “Pearson EasyBridge Plus and Auto” near the bottom of the page.

        5.       You will then be prompted to log in.

        6.       Use your student number and the password you use to log into computers at school.

      •  Open Up Curriculum Resources:

                              We have a new middle school curriculum that will be used in addition to Pearson.  This resources is called "Open Up Resources" and it will be used in class often.  Luckily, this resource can also be found on-line at  


    NEED MORE PRACTICE WITH FEEDBACK?  Here is another resource linked to the very lessons we are learning in class!!!