• Unit #1: Foundations of Government - Chapters 1-3 American Government: Roots & Reform

    Chapter 1:  American Government: Roots, Context, and Culture

    Who were the first inhabitants of the Americas and why does it matter?

    What traditions and principles reflected the beliefs of colonial government?

    pp 4-6

    Explain five core values of government in the United States with an example for each that explains how they are applied or fought for today

    pp 9-11


    Chapter 2:  The Constitution

    How did mercantilism in the New World impact the roots of the American Revolution against England?

    Explain three core values that were most prominent in the Declaration of Independence.
    pp 26-32

    Describe three conflicts argued over in the development of the new Constitution and the compromises that were made to solve them.

    Explain how those compromises have contributed to harmony or conflict in the United States over the last 50 years.

    pp 32-39

    Create an original info graphic explaining how each branch of government checks each of the other branches of government.

    pp 42-43

    What were the main points for both sides of the debate surrounding whether or not the Constitution should be ratified?

    Explain how core values and human nature were conflicted between the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution. Which form of government best suits our human nature? Explain your answer with one or more compelling answers.

    How does the original conflict between federalists and anti-federalists still exist today? Who is winning and why are they winning?

    pp 46-49


    Chapter 3:  The Federal System


    What is the definition of federalism in the United States?

    Explain how a federal system, a unitary system, and a confederate system are each unique.

    What three terms are used to describe the Constitutional powers shared in the U.S. Constitution? List the specific power given under each term/category.

    What are examples of local governments?

    What must happen for a local government to exist and how did this tradition come about?

    pp 61-63

    How did U.S. federalism evolve under the Marshall Court? Use examples to support your answer.

    What was duel federalism and how did Supreme Court decisions establish that era?

    pp 66-69

    How did the era of Cooperative Federalism result in big government?

    pp 69-72

    How do the three main types of federal grants conflict with or support states' rights?

    pp 72-75

    Explain how the Rehnquist Court and the Roberts Court have supported states' rights or federal powers.

    pp 76-77