• Click Here for a comprehensive look at the Historical Thinking Skills which are expected to be practiced in AP USH classes, and then understood by AP USH students.  The document is 8 pages long ( p. 1--table of contents, p. 2-4--definition of skills, p. 5-8--examples of each skill component ).  Historical Thinking Skills with Examples
    Note: To see the alignment of the Historical Periods as they correspond to the 16th ( or 2016 ) edition of the course textbook, see this link.  Historical Periods.Pageant.2002.2016.editions.  Keep in mind that the 2016 edition has different pagination from the 12th ( or 2002 ) edition of the textbook formerly used by this class, making the any review outline tied to the older 12th edition usable only for its chapter content, vs. its exact location in the 16th edition.