AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE                                                                          Test Corrections

    For each exam, I strongly recommend you do test corrections. You will have two weeks from the day you get the test back to make the corrections. You will receive 1/3 points for every question corrected in this manner.  For example, if you scored a 70% on the exam, you could bring your grade up to an 80% by doing test corrections.

    Step 1: Using your textbook, write down the page number on which the answer can be found.

    Step 2: Give the letter of the correct answer choice and explain the correct answer in such a way that I am convinced you have now learned the subject. Do NOT merely copy the correct answer. For credit, you must show me why you now know this to be the correct answer.  In addition, you must hand-write your test corrections! Use a format similar to this one below. Make sure the letter of the correct answer is clearly labeled.


    Exam: Chapter 2

    Question #

    Concept Tested

    Page # in Book

    Letter of Correct Answer

    Explanation of Correct Answer:


    2-2 What is Matter



    Confused matter with energy


    Part II: Respond with an honest and clear answer to the following questions after completing your corrections to all of the missed responses in Part I:

    1.     Did you perform better/worse than the last exam?

    2.     What did you to prepare for this exam that may have caused the result?

    3.     What will you do differently next time?

    4.     What patterns do you see in your errors?