Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Everett Public Schools has developed a draft local plan identifying risks from specific natural hazards posing threats to our schools. The plan identifies what can be done to prepare for and reduce loss of life and damage in district schools. A draft of the pre-disaster mitigation plan is accessible online for those interested.
    During the plan development process, the district engaged teachers, administrators, school district personnel, parents and other stakeholders through a mitigation planning team, the district's website, a public survey, and public comment opportunities.
    More information about the planning process and the survey results will be available on this website and from Darcy Walker, Director, Facilities & Planning, 425-385-4190.
    More information about the state work is on the OSPI webiste.

    Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning Team Members

    Jennifer Collins - Construction Coordinator, Everett Public Schools
    Steven Krause - Construction Manager, Everett Public Schools
    Barney Peterson - Teacher, Everett Public Schools
    MaryHelen Pierce - Construction Manager, Everett Public Schools
    Dr. Molly Ringo - Director, Maintenance & Operations, Everett Public Schools
    Lynn Sterbenz - Emergency Planning & Operations Coordinator, City of Everett
    Darcy Walker - Director, Facilities & Planning, Everett Public Schools