• Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative Course:

    During the senior year of high school, students must earn a credit in a math-based quantitative course.  This 1.0 credit requirement can be met through enrollment in a math, science or appropriate CTE course.

    All JHS Math and Science courses are approved to meet the senior year quantitative course requirement.
    Approved CTE Courses:
    Accounting 1
    Accounting 2
    Computer Applications
    Computer Science Principles
    Computer Programming 2 (Java)
    Computer Programming 3
    AP Computer Science A
    AP Computer Science Principles
    Exploring Computer Science
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Macroeconomics 
    Introduction to Sports Medicine
    Sports Medicine I
    Sports Medicine II
    Robotics Technology
    Approved Sno-Isle Courses:
    Automotive Technician
    Diesel Power Technology
    Aerospace Manufacturing
    Precision Machinist
    Computers, Servers and Networking
    Electronics Engineering
    Network Technician
    DigiPen Video Game Design
    Construction Trades
    Fashion Merchandizing
    Nursing Assistant 
    Veterinary Assistant
    Culinary Arts