Adult High School Completion

  • The Adult High School Completion program at LWTech offers students a chance to earn a high school diploma in a variety of ways. Students can earn their diploma through competency-based skills courses or by taking college-level classes to complete missing graduation requirements from high school.
    Students who earn an associate degree through LWTech can request their high school diploma - an associate degree is considered equivalent to a diploma by the State of Washington. LWTech does not require a diploma for admission. 
    Call 425-739-8107 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation where you will discuss the options for taking the classes needed to complete your diploma.
    Program Type: In-Class, High School Diploma & College Credit 
    Cost: Can vary from $25 per class up to regular college tuition
    Ages: varies based on program
    Program Contact: High School Programs Office: 425-739-8107,