To get an idea of what APES is all about and prepare for the course, you will be asked to do several tasks over the summer.
    It is OK to email me during the summer if you have questions.
    You will need to do the following:    
    1. Check this weekly as I will be posting discussion questions and other things over the summer.
    2. Download the Syllabus and go over it with your parents.  I will collect signatures in September. 
    3. Read Chapters 1  and  2  from the Miller's Living in the Environment textbook.  Download chapters to your phone, tablet, & computer
    4. You will  use your EPS Google Drive to access documents in class.  Login w/your student number and password
    5. Sign up for schoology.com using these directions.
    6. Download the schoology.com app to your phone and login in.
      1. you need to know how to use schoology in Sept.  there are assignments this summer to help you.
    7. Complete the reading questions, vocabulary & questions for Chapters 1 &  Chapter 2
    8. Go over the PowerPoints for Chapters 1 &2  and become familiar with this website
    9. We will take a real quiz over these 2 chapters in early September in class.
    10. Read 2 articles/week on Environmental Issues
    11. If you like to read or are extremely interested in Environmental Science check out this list of books read one or more if you can.
    12. The world is an amazing place. Get outside and enjoy the environment too !  Make sure to wear sunscreen.
    AP Environmental Science: