• AP scores should be released on Friday, July 7.
    IF your national exam score is higher than your Semester 2 APUSH grade ( and only the Semester 2 grade ), change-of-grade forms should be available from the JHS Registrar when s/he returns to the building in August.  An exam score of a "4" would equal a JHS Semester 2 grade of "B" ( not "B-", nor "B+" ).  Apply similarly to a score of "3", "5", etc.
    Should you merit a Semester 2 grade change ( and I have not already acted upon it by mid-September ), please refrain from asking the Registrar about making a grade change until mid-October.  If you ask about this any earlier, the registrar is sure to be swamped with more pressing JHS registration-related issues through early October, and so will more than likely tell you to return later.